sol. draws from the Soul music of the late 50s to mid 70s to create an expressive sound and movement experience steeped in the emotional, funky, rhythmical qualities of the genre. Incorporating the upbeat, athletic movements and flavor of Soul with a contemporary vocabulary, SPdp dancers groove and vibe to a rich assortment of immersive music that has been expertly curated, mixed, and reworked by Soy Sos. A celebration of soul music, the sounds and expressiveness of sol. are meant to evoke the visceral reactions of joy and nostalgia for audiences world-wide.

Premiere: June 7, 2019 / pearlPRESENTS Dance Festival (Pittsburgh, PA)

Staycee R. Pearl / Lead Artist
Herman B. Pearl / Sound Designer/Engineer

Athena Flournoy, Cemiyon Barber, Chandler Bingham, Dava Huesca, Indigo Sparks, Jessica Marino, Joy-Marie Thompson, LaTrea Rembert, Lauren Horn, &
Quaba Ernest