PearlDiving Movement Residency supports professional movement artists making dance-based multimedia work by providing rehearsal space, technical support, mentorship, and a stipend during a month-long residency to be completed in October 2017. The dual-track program serves both local and visiting artists and offers time in an environment where research, play, and risk-taking are encouraged in order to create and present new work. Participants are committed to personal and professional development, community engagement, and represent diverse voices in the local and national contemporary dance field.

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Fall 2017 Residents

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Davalois Fearon

Davalois Fearon is a critically acclaimed dancer & founder/artistic director of Davalois Fearon Dance. She has been presented nationally and internationally including by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Joyce Theater. Fearon has been awarded a commission from Harlem Stage, grants and fellowships from the Bronx Council on the Arts, Groundworks Hudson Valley, University Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM), among other awards. Fearon received a MFA from UWM and in 2005, she earned a BFA from Purchase College Conservatory of Dance; the same year she joined the Stephen Petronio Company where she performed and taught around the world until June, 2017. 


Project: Time to Talk

“Time to Talk ” is a multimedia dance piece rooted in research on American history, dance history, racial identity formation and systemic racism. It is inspired by Davalois Fearon's own experience of oppression and racial bias within academia that she encountered in 2015. Dynamic fluid dance, live music, poetry, and visual art are used as tools to bring attention to inequalities within the dance field and society at large. “Time to Talk” aims to encourage audience members to question how they may knowingly or unknowingly contribute to maintaining social norms that support a status quo of inequity.


slowdanger + Anna Henson

slowdanger is a Pittsburgh based multidisciplinary performance duo, comprised of Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight, that fuses sound and movement into an elusive, but illustrative combination of improvised post-modern dance frameworks, found material, electronic instrumentation, vocalization, physiological centering and ontological examination. slowdanger’s work has been featured across the states in venues ranging from proscenium theater and gallery to nightclubs and dive bars.

Anna Henson is an artist and creative technologist making immersive, interactive experiences for installation, performance, and film. Anna is focused on work which treads the shifting boundaries between digital and physical, expands the possibilities of storytelling, and tackles the challenge to develop new forms of emerging media. Anna is currently a Masters in Tangible Interaction Design candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, where her research focuses on volumetric filmmaking for virtual and mixed reality, and embodied sensation in digital experiences.


Project: body my body

body, my body is a collaborative project between slowdanger and creative technologist Anna Henson. It is an exploration of how touch, choice, and human to human interaction sends ripples into an environment. Through contemporary and improvised movement, electronic soundscapes, projected landscapes, motion capture data and augmented reality technology, attendees will get a visualization of the inner world of two beings connecting to each other virtually and physically.