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Open Master Class Schedule

All classes are in the theater of the the New Hazlett Theater unless otherwise noted.

Join us for open master classes with pearlPRESENTS artists. All classes (excluding MODULE) are donation-based.


Mon. June 3 @ 9am - 10:30am
*upstairs studio, New Hazlett Theater*
sol. sessions w/Staycee Pearl
A A progressive movement and performance training practice used to access individual impetus for genuine and meaningful physical interaction. Artists experience soul sounds curated for heart head body connection. Artists are then guided to explore call and response technical phrases and gestures. With Sound curated by Herman ‘Soy Sos’ Pearl


Tues. June 4 @ 9am - 10:30am
Ballet w/Andrew Blight
Join STAYCEE PEARL dance project dancers in company ballet classes focusing on technique, alignment, holistic movement consciousness, and performance quality. Refine your skills and awareness with our professional team. For intermediate-advanced dancers.


Wed. June 5 @ 9am - 10:30am
Dear Everyone, Let’s Move w/Maree ReMalia
Catch an experiential glimpse into explorations that have informed the development of the evening-length dance work,  A Letter Compiled From All Letters! Facilitated by Maree ReMalia,  participants are guided through warm ups drawing from the Gaga movement language and somatic and improvisational
methods based in dance, theater, and visual art. Following the  warm up, the group engages in generative explorations from the artistic teams process, which may include movement, sound, text, writing, and imagery. The approach is playful and inquisitive; all are welcome ages 16+, no previous experience is necessary. Join the artists for the premiere at New Hazlett Theater, June 13-15, 2019! More information about the project here.


Wed. June 5 @ 8:30pm - 10:30pm
Contact Improvisation Class & Jam
Led by Laura Stokes, Tricia Chirumbole, & Ryan Pusch
Contact Improvisation draws on the power of curiosity, concentration, and an openness to possibility to research gravity, momentum, inertia, and sensation while in physical contact with fellow dancers. A guided class with narrowly defined parameters helps us listen to each other, build skill, and study risk through safety. Class leads into an open format dance, called a jam, guided by a prompt. During the jam, the dancer is free to follow their curiosities and build on what was learned. You may find yourself exploring rolling, being upside-down, lifting, falling, weight sharing, or in a subtle dance of somatic exploration. The range of energy states can fluctuate from stillness to hyper-physical. All people of any ability are welcomed and honored. No prior experience in needed.


Thurs. June 6 @ 9am - 10:30am
Ballet w/ Island Moving Company
Ballet led by Visiting Artists of Island Moving Company

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Fri. June 7 @ 9am - 10:30am
Bollywood Fusion w/ chita.MOVES
In this class, dancers will explore how the basic foundations of Indian dance styles (folk, classical, and more), can infuse new possibility, awareness, and energy into urban dance forms. In bringing these art forms together, you'll focus on some fundamentals in Indian classical/folk movements (hand gestures & footwork), grooves and flow, style, demonstration through choreography, and of course sharing and FUN!


Sat. June 8 @ 10am - 1pm
*upstairs studio, New Hazlett Theater
MODULE w/ Sidra Bell Dance New York

$15 Drop-in (Cash only. Cost not included in the festival pass)
Award winning bi-annual research laboratory for advanced and professional artists in New York City a space to interface and incubate with the critically acclaimed Sidra Bell Dance New York. The project invites them into the intimate creative culture of the company and asks them to commit to creative stakeholding. Artists have the opportunity to dialogue and  research with the artistic director through 38 hours of laboratory work and dialogues to deepen their approach to the material and its unique methodology.


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