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sol. draws from the soul music of the late 50s to mid 70s to create an expres- sive sound and movement experience steeped in the emotional, funky, rhyth- mical qualities of the genre. Incorporating the upbeat, athletic movements and avor of Soul with a contemporary vocabulary, SPdp dancers groove and vibe to a rich assortment of music expertly curated, mixed, and reworked by Soy Sos. More

ABBEY: In the Red

ABBEY: In the Red is a live Jazz and dance filled performance inspired by the life and music of Jazz vocalist, composer, and civil rights activist Abbey Lincoln. Sound designer/producer Soy Sos brings together a live ensemble of woodwinds, strings and electronics featuring several esteemed musicians. Integrated into this immersive musical experience is a moving, contemporary dance performance by STAYCEE PEARL dance project created to actively express the evolution of culture through the performing arts. More

...on being...

A dance-centered multimedia performance work, “…on being…” is a vehicle in the examination of conversations around Blackness and Post-Blackness in relation to art and performance. “…on being…” was originally developed during the mid-2000s when these conversations first surfaced. The term Post-Blackness was coined by art curator Thelma Golden, who then used it as a theme to exhibit African Diasporic artists creating works sans expected tropes found in traditional Black Art. Touré’s “Who’s Afraid of Post Blackness” and Baratunde Thurston’s “How to be Black” serve to contextualize our own experiences. At the beginning of the piece, distinctly Black/Soul music sets the stage. Both the movement choices and sound become disjointed and gradually more dramatic as we layer erratic gestures with beautifully graceful phrases to demonstrate juxtaposition of culture and perspectives on race.


In collaboration with acclaimed visual artist Barbara Weissberger and Musicians Sadie Powers and Bonnie Jones, sym. is a dynamic movement live experimental sound / visual art experience inspired by the esteemed African-American science fiction writer Octavia Butler. With sym. we look to her vampire themed novel, Fledgling, to dig deeper into a recurring theme in her work: symbiosis. More


Octavia Butler was the most prominent of few African American Science Fiction writers. In 1995, after living in poverty for many years, she earned a "genius grant" from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, awarding her $295,000 and new expanded notoriety for writing adventures such as Kindred, where a 20th century black woman travels back in time to slavery, and Adulthood Rites, where humans and extra terrestrials live together experiencing mystical other-worldly situations. Finding similarities in character personalities, powers, adventures, and moods, STAYCEE PEARL dance project creates a world colored by Butler's storytelling sensibilities and an interpretation of Butler's own life. More


FLOWERZ is a dance and sound performance venturing back to when both Staycee and Herman Pearl spent years involved in the New York house music scene. Herman worked on the production side while Staycee spent much of her free time from the dance studio in the clubs and loft parties of that era. Through exploration and celebration, STAYCEE PEARL dance project (SPdp) takes audiences through an evening-in-the-life of party goers. More


Inspired by the recent socio-political climate surrounding race and colorism, ...on being... is a dance-centered multimedia work examining Blackness in relation to Post-Blackness. Using Touré's Who's Afraid of Post Blackness? and How to be Black by Baratunde Thurston as catalysts, ...on being... challenges audiences to consider a sensitive topic prominent in current events. Developed with consideration to many individual perspectives, ...on being... expands the perceived boundaries of the African Diaspora, broadens the conversation about race and blackness, and connects viewers to a lively national discussion. More