PearlArts Studios Extensions

PearlArts Studios Extensions (PASe) is committed to providing compelling and comprehensive dance experiences within and beyond the walls of the dance studio through in school and out of school youth dance programming. We offer several programs that can be integrated into your school (in-school & after-school) or organization. We work with you to tailor each program to your needs. See below for a menu of offerings.


Menu of Programs



This residency involves the study of dance along with a specialized curriculum that allows for the infusion of certain academic standards. With varied dance styles and techniques, we take students through PA academic standard-based goals as they relate to Science, Technology, English, and Math. Thus helping teach difficult academic concepts that support a variety of Learning styles.

Theme and Technique

This session uses project-based learning or aesthetic training and includes a rigorous study of dance technique and terms around a diverse art anchor workpiece that will provide a theme for choreography. This is similar to project-based learning; where students take part in dissecting the anchor piece as a community and then collaborate with the choreography and structure of the dance utilizing actual dance technique and dance terms learned during the first half of each class. This is important to begin to create artists that can have an opinion about art and can develop art based on their opinion.



All Art

This session is an eclectic residency that can involve a number of different forms of art study, such as Sound production, Music, Visual art, Media, and a host of other art forms. This allows for all students the opportunity to feel connected to dance even if they aren’t dancers. This program reflects the uniqueness of PAS and the collaboration of Staycee and Herman Pearl. This program drives creativity like no other because All Art will support the final dance project/ celebration of learning.

Dance Classes

Our highly qualified dance instructors are equipped to bring a variety of dance classes to your organization.


Hip Hop

Students learn and share the newest hip-hop moves and some old school break dance and house styles. After a thorough warm up, PAS instructors take young dancers through basic skill-building combinations, consecutively building into full dance phrases.


Afro Pop

Students will have endless fun learning the latest dance moves made popular by the best African and Hip/Hop movers on social media! After a thorough warm up, PAS instructors take young dancers through basic skill-building combinations, consecutively building into full dance phrases. 


Contemporary Funk

A fun fusion of hip hop and contemporary technique, this after school program is taught by professional dancers from STAYCEE PEARL dance project.


Creative Movement

Introduce your little ones to the joy of music and movement while developing body awareness, rhythm, flexibility, coordination and confidence. By channeling their natural energy and expressiveness, students are encouraged to use their bodies and imaginations in fun ways.