Current PDMR Residents: Fall 2018

We have two amazing PearlDiving Movement Residency artists coming in August 2018. Scroll down to learn more about MICHIYAYA Dance (NYC) and José Pérez IV (PGH)!



MICHIYAYA Dance is an all-women contemporary dance theater company co-founded by Anya Clarke and Mitsuko Verdery. Clarke and Verdery are an award-winning multimedia duo from New York City that synthesize dance and visual art. MICHIYAYA Dance was awarded the 2016 first prize for Choreographic Excellence at the 11th International REVERBdance Festival. They were recently awarded the 2017 Pittsburgh-based Opportunity Fund Grant and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. MICHIYAYA Dance was featured in THINX’s first activewear period-proof line. They have performed at venues such as Yale University, Brooklyn Museum, Baruch Performing Arts Center, Gibney, Salvatore Capezio Theater and more.

About MICHIYAYA Dance's Work

Anya Clarke and Mitsuko Verdery will spend three weeks developing a duet titled ‘inbody’. This work will premiere at the Andy Warhol Museum September 14th, 2018 as part of Trans Q Live. The work will be centered around their personal experiences of embodiment; embodiment of queerness, womanhood, nationalism, and familial traditions. Their company members will join them for the last week of the residency to work on their newest work in progress /wē/. /wē/ is a study on gender identity with recollections of past experiences, variations of gender fluidity, and the reimagining of the human body. ‘Inbody’ and /wē/ are pivotal works for them as a partnership and as MICHIYAYA Dance, as they both relate to topics of identity, self-reflection, and visions of future spaces.

Headshot - José Pérez IV (8) HQ.jpg

José Pérez IV (PGH)

José Pérez IV is a fight choreographer, theatre maker, teacher, and performer. His movement training began in athletics and martial arts, going on to study physical-based acting and stage combat at NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing. The focus of José’s work is on “fight theatre”, live shows which feature stage combat as the primary performance medium. Additionally, he is incredibly fascinated by site-specific theatre; having made shows in a moving car, a shower, as a jogging aide, and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC. Advanced Actor Combatant Society of American Fight Directors, MFA in Performance Pedagogy U of Pitt.

About José's Work

“All the Fights!” is a scrappy stage combat experiment. A conglomeration of fight theatre research over 10 years, borrowing from Hollywood stunts and video games. This project is a celebration of female fighter prowess, martial arts, and that child-like fascination with action sequences. Lifts, throws, flying knees, and one insane all-women sword fight to rock music.


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