3 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Contemporary Funk / by staycee pearl


There are many after-school programs out there, but what sets PearlArts Studios' Contemporary Funk Program apart from the rest is the emphasis placed on the community which is built by dancers and movers alike. Contemporary Funk is a fun fusion of hip hop and contemporary technique for ages 8-13. This 6 week program will take place at the Thelma Lovette YMCA from Feb. 19-April 4. 

Our young dancers will gain the ability to move freely and expressively while learning and honing technique. Our program is championed by three pillars which help build the young dancers' experience:

1. Self-confidence/Self-esteem


When our dancers look in the mirror, it reinforces self-confidence. Throughout class we encourage positive dialogue about our image, create goals through determination, and develop mental and physical skills to boost self-esteem. In one 8-count of dance we can reveal a bold, confident, and expressive person that will feel empowered by the end of every class.

2. Boost in memory/Cognition

The number one concern about after school programs is mental enrichment. Studies have shown that physical activity in early childhood years can support the development of strong motor skills and cognition. Contemporary Funk is built to allow students to have a good time, and investing in a dance program can give the students a boost in memory, supporting their overall learning.

3. Professional Teachers at an affordable cost

There are always 2 teachers in the room to support all the different levels of dancers and their various needs. Both teachers are graduates of Conservatory and members of professional performance unions. Lead instructor LaTrea Rembert is currently a member of STAYCEE PEARL dance project, a professional dance company that has toured all over the country. Support staff member Genna Styles is the Director of Education and a specialist in instruction. The 6-week program is only $50 dollars for 12 classes and snack. This can be paid in two payments if necessary.  

To register a child in Contemporary Funk, click here for more information.